Editorial Complaints Policy

At Chase The Vape, we value the feedback and opinions of our readers. We strive to provide accurate, informative, and engaging content. However, we understand that there may be instances where readers may have concerns or complaints about our editorial content. This Editorial Complaints Policy outlines our approach to handling and addressing such complaints.

Scope of the Policy:

This policy applies to complaints related to editorial content published on the Chase The Vape online magazine, including articles, features, opinion pieces, and reviews. This policy does not cover advertising or promotional content.

Submitting a Complaint:

a. Contact Information: To submit a complaint, please send an email to [insert contact email]. Please provide your full name, contact details, and a clear description of the specific article or content in question.

b. Complaint Criteria: Complaints should be specific and relate to a breach of journalistic standards, accuracy, fairness, or editorial integrity. We encourage you to provide as much detail as possible to help us investigate and address your concerns effectively.

c. Anonymous Complaints: We accept anonymous complaints; however, providing your contact information allows us to communicate with you regarding the status and outcome of the investigation.

Complaint Handling:

a. Acknowledgment: Upon receiving your complaint, we will acknowledge receipt within [insert timeframe]. We will provide you with a reference number for your complaint for future correspondence.

b. Investigation: We will conduct a thorough investigation into the complaint. This may include reviewing the article in question, consulting relevant parties involved, and examining supporting documentation or evidence.

c. Resolution: We aim to address complaints promptly and fairly. Once the investigation is complete, we will communicate our findings and any actions taken in response to the complaint.

Possible Outcomes:

a. Correction or Clarification: If a factual error or inaccuracy is identified, we will issue a correction or clarification promptly. The correction or clarification will be clearly marked and published on our website alongside the original article.

b. Apology: In cases where a complaint is justified and significant, we may issue an apology to the affected parties and publish it on our website.

c. Disagreements and Appeals: If you disagree with our findings or resolution, you may request a reconsideration. Please provide additional information or evidence to support your request. We will review the request and respond within a reasonable timeframe.

Retention of Complaints:

We will retain records of complaints received and our responses for a reasonable period of time. This allows us to track patterns, identify areas for improvement, and ensure consistent adherence to our editorial standards.


We treat all complaints with confidentiality and respect. We will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, unless required by law.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Editorial Complaints Policy, please contact us at [email protected].

We are committed to maintaining high editorial standards and appreciate your feedback to help us improve our content and journalistic practices.

The Chase The Vape Management Team