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2022’s 5 best CBD + THC gummies – consumer guide

The JustCBD store never misses out on any list of the best CBD + THC gummies in 2022. The brand is amazing, offering high-quality gummies and providing lab reports that help you view the cannabinoid profile and the contaminant status of the gummies. Here is all you need to know about why the JustCBD store never misses out on the list.

If you are a CBD/THC fan, you likely have performed an online search for the best CBD + THC gummies in 2022. You will come across many brands that are included in the list for one reason or the other, but the JustCBD store never misses out. In fact, it is not just part of the list, but the number one item in it. Why is the JustCBD store a whole package? For the most part, the store has a wide inventory of many products. It offers CBD oils, tinctures, capsules, and vape oils, among many others. Besides, you have the CBD + THC gummies in multiple options. This article is your informant, helping you appreciate why the JustCBD store cannot miss out on the best CBD + THC gummies in 2022.

What Are CBD + THC Gummies?

The whole idea about gummies is not new. We have many supplements and vitamins that come in the form of gummies. They are colorful and sweetened, making them ideal for kids who may need supplements but cannot take capsules. At the JustCBD store, our CBD + THC gummies feature many colors and flavors, allowing our clients many options from which to choose. You can buy the CBD + THC sour gummy or the CBD + THC ribbon, all featuring 8 mg THC per gummy and varying CBD amounts. Besides, many like our brand for our comprehensive lab reports that accompany the CBD + THC gummies, helping you know the cannabinoid and safety profiles of the products.

Why Take CBD + THC Gummies?

According to Massi et al. (2006) and Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is non-psychoactive. Many cannabinoid fans opt for pure CBD gummies for their non-intoxicating nature; they offer the desired effects without leaving you stoned. Meanwhile, Schlienz et al. (2018) stated that THC is intoxicating, and is the very compound responsible for the high effect one feels from smoking weed. Because of this, many wonder why THC features in the gummies. According to McCoy et al. (2018), cannabinoids, including CBD and THC, can improve a person’s quality of life. Many take CBD + TCH gummies, hoping to boost their quality of life. Of course, the FDA has not approved CBD or THC for treating any disease or condition, but many states have legalized medical cannabis with THC as a compound for medical purposes. Nonetheless, we advise our clients to seek medical advice before opting for the CBD + THC gummies.

We Offer Strong Gummies

There are many factors you need to consider before settling for a brand for sourcing your CBD + THC gummies. Thankfully, JustCBD ticks the box for most of these factors. We offer strong gummies that meet the needs of CBD/THC novices and veterans alike. The concept of cannabinoid potency is critical and one of the parameters that inform your CBD + THC gummy choice. Simply put, potency is the quotient of the total cannabinoid by the total volume. For instance, if a 500 mg CBD jar has 25 gummies, its potency is 20 (500/25) mg/unit. Our CBD + THC gummies have varying CBD potencies, ranging from 8 to 44 mg/unit. Meanwhile, we know that THC can make a person high so we limit its concentration in the gummies. Our CBD + THC gummies have not more than 8 mg per gummy. Still, these are strong potencies, considering that THC is psychoactive and can make you high but you still need to keep the high effect in control.

You Have Several Flavored Options to Tap Into

Are you wondering why else the JustCBD store is one of the top companies in the 2022 list of the best CBD + THC gummies? The store offers gummies in several flavored and colored options. You can have the gummies in green, yellow, red, or orange colors, depending on your preferences. Besides, you can also have Tutti Frutti, Strawberry, Blueberry, Green Apple, or Sugar-free flavored options for the gummies.

We Offer Organic THC + CBD Gummies

One factor you certainly need to pay attention to as you buy CBD + THC gummies is environmental considerations. What are the environmental factors surrounding the raw materials for your gummies? Since its inception in 2017, the JustCBD store has been using organic hemp to manufacture its delta- 8 THC, CBD, and CBD + TCH products. Its CBD + THC gummies are organic in nature and have no inorganic ingredients. Besides, the lab reports that are only a click away reveal the ingredient list of the gummies, boosting clients’ confidence.

Our Gummies Are 3rd Party Tested

The other reason why the JustCBD store cannot miss out on the list of the best 2022 CBD + THC gummies is 3rd party testing. With the many CBD companies in the hemp space, identifying a reputable brand is not easy. However, with 3rd party test results, you can tell the cannabinoid profile of the products in question, helping you gauge how good a brand is. What sets the JustCBD store apart from other companies is how it conducts 3rd party tests. It liaises with reputable labs such as Kaycha and Green Labs, which are modern labs with top-notch services. Besides, the results are posted online in the Lab Reports section, and it’s only a click away for you to view them. They show how accurate the brand is as far as cannabinoid labeling is concerned. Besides, the results show that the CBD + THC gummies are pure.


The best CBD + THC gummy search is common. CBD + THC gummies are great at delivering the two cannabinoids in one package, hence the great popularity around them. The JustCBD store is one of the companies that offer quality CBD + THC gummies. Peer into this article to appreciate why it can never miss out on the list of the best brands.


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